Exhale & Release

let's get you feeling calm. clear. free. present.

Choose your adventure.

Exhale & Release is designed to give you the tools to build the life so good that you're like "what the fuck Amanda, this is witchcraft??"

Where you have some fun.

This program is delivered via a private podcast feed, it goes wherever you go so that you can listen to at any time. && includes live monthly calls where I'll shift anything that comes up that's not covered by the program (yet).

Trauma track

Reprogram your subconscious, rewire your nervous system and finally get the peace you've been so desperately searching for. This track is designed you clear the rot out so you can start building a life that has you saying "this is so dreamy, more please."

first responder track

Leave work at work and clear the trauma you've experienced, so you feel calm, clear and free to live your life fully present.

Exhale & Release isn't a typical program. It's not conceptual, there's no sitting down to watch a video and take notes that hopefully one day you'll remember to apply but probably won't.

The shift happens each time you press play on an episode. Immediately. Effortlessly. We do all the work, you sit back and experience an immediate transformation. We'll begin installing new information at an unconscious level to help either clear old fear, belief systems, patterns or frustrating emotions that prevent you from experiencing work and life the way you really want.

Why trust me?

(besides the licensed therapist, expert in healing trauma part).

I've worked with hundreds of people over the years, creating bananas transformations in my clients using my words, stories and frameworks. I stay maxed out on 1:1 therapy clients, grew my practice to include four other wonderful women trained by me, who all stay busy and we have a ridiculously high referral rate and a ridiculously high transformation rate. In short, I know what I'm doing and I do it well. My processes work.

The way I heal trauma.

Neutralizing painful emotions.

Healing anxiety and depression.

Regulating your nervous system.

Reprogramming your subconscious.

Reconnecting you to your body and wisdom.

Turning the fear dial down to zero.

Shifting perspectives.

Choosing language that empowers you.

Those are the things I'm great at. That's what people come to me for.

Exhale & Release was born out of a love for my clients and a desire to help you release the weight you carry and clear the trauma so you can fully engage in life again. Since I can only see a certain number of people 1:1 in my lifetime, I was thinking β€œok how can I do this for more people without them having to see me 1:1.” So with the goal of β€œhow do I help more people essentially, to laugh again, to be fully present in your life, to be able to live without fear clawing at your back every second, and to finally fucking relax?" Exhale & Release was born.

they said what?

You're only one choice away from changing your life.

B -

"I hope you never consider a career change...

because you were definitely made for this. Everything you said has helped. If you had told me when we started that life would be this good, I wouldn't have believed you. I owe you so much."


"Your words play in my head all day...

anytime my gremlin brain is trying to use old programming, I hear you in my head challenging it. It makes it so much easier to ignore the gremlin and keep me doing what I know is the helpful thing to have done. I look at people who do what I used to do, and I'm like 'oh my god, that was me' and it feels SO GOOD to not be there anymore. I'm so free now."


"Your tagline should be...

clear the trauma without having to say all the shit out loud or relive it. You're fucking magic."

Amanda is acting in the role of a coach for any services available on this website. She is not acting in the role of a therapist and she is not your therapist.

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